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We fully consider the impact of our manufacturing and business activities on EHS, from research and development to production and distribution to the use and disposal of final products by our customers and patients.

  • environment

  • healthy

  • safety

  • Pursue sustainable development

    Protecting the health and safety of employees, neighbors and others affected by our business, and protecting the environment are our core values.

  • Health and safety of employees

    We provide safe working conditions to protect our employees from potential health hazards and injuries.

  • environment

    We are responsible for the use of natural resources to reduce the environmental impact of our production and business activities and products during the initial life cycle.

  • Product development and EHS issues in the project

    When we begin product development and project evaluation, we fully assess the environmental, health and safety impacts and scientifically manage the risks.

  • Customer and partner selection

    We expect our customer partners to be responsible practitioners of EHS.


Quality is the cornerstone on which our enterprise depends for survival and development.

It is our duty and responsibility to provide our customers and patients with high quality products and services

  • Our demand for high quality will run through the entire product life cycle from r&d, production to sales.

  • Quality is the first consideration when we do any business

  • Quality compliance is the company's most basic bottom line, we are fully aware of the quality of the improvement and promotion should be continuous.

  • Quality is constituted by the daily behavior of every employee, and the goal of the company is to build a high-quality employee team.

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